MTV Unplugged Bare Witness

I have seen a lot of Nirvana Doc’s, Videos, and movies in my time.. Its why I skip posting a lot of the trending news stories of Nirvana “Un-released Stuff”. Most all of it has already been avail to anyone looking for years, and just happens to catch a news headline. Its also funny when a news story posts a “New Never Released”
song or video clip, and the Youtube video they link to is 2 years old in posting.

Well I was a little suprised when I came across this little video of a MTV Special called “MTV Bare Witness” that covers the Nirvana Unplugged in New York show.

Like I said, not new.. But new to me.

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck


I am both excited and nervous about the new Kurt Cobain Documentory called “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck“. It was originally started with director Brett Morgen and Courtney Love. Courtney has since left the project of 8 years, and France Bean Cobain (Kurt and Courney’ daughter) is listed as Executive Producer.

All the article’s I have read say that this flim will have a huge supply of never before released Music, Images, and home moves. All leading to a new look into the life of Kurt Cobain we never knew.

The title of the Movie “Montage of Heck” is based off a track on Mix tape Kurt Cobain made in 1988. They claim this is a unreleased track/song.. Which anyone that follows Nirvana and Kurt Cobain close enough knows has been floating around years. Given it has not been “Offically released”, but I hope 90% of this documentory is not the same kind of “Unreleased Stuff”.

I can’t say I follow France Bean Cobain’ intrests or life much at all, and am not sure how much she really knows about her father. May other sites have mentioned this fact to discredit her as the documentories Executive Producer. Saying she could not possible be of much help as she was less than 2 years old when Kurt Cobain died.

Not only for the sake of the movie, but also her life in general. I hope she has managed to understand him a lot more than any of us.

Nirvana LLC Takes Australian Domain Names

Nirvana LLC, the company that owns the intellectual property of our favorite band has just taken over a few Australian domain names.

When I first heard about this I assumed it was going to be, but it was actually the less popular domains of


Originally it seems they tried to buy the domains and a number of a few thousand was thrown around as an expense cost to him. He then came back with a figure of 1.5 Million and threated to use the domains if they didn’t pay it.

Its odd to me they would care to go after someone for the mentioned domains names, but it sounds like the person was just sitting on them.

I work enough with domain names in my day to day life that getting a domain from a squatter if you have a registered licence on is pretty easy (Provided you have a legal team). If he had been using the domains it would have been a little more work to get, but still not impossible.

Hopefully I am safe, but if they want my domain it wont take 1.5 Million to get it.